The Family Feast Finale!

What a sad day as we finished our Summer School but what a brilliant ending! All the young people had put their heads together and worked extremely hard with Sarah to create a feast and a half for the final BBQ. They did a fantastic job and shared their successes and achievements with their nearest and dearest with another guest appearance from Smurf!



During the feast and BBQ we held a small ceremony to give out some well deserved certificates! Well Done everyone!

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Not only that we created a ‘Wall of Wonder’ this was directed to the parents and guardians of all the young people and to ask of there was anything that stood out for them.  All were given Post-It’s so they could anonymously write anything they felt we needed to hear under the titles of – The Good, The Bad and The Learning. We’ve had a fantastic response – take a look at some of the feedback!



Our Feedback:

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Quite frankly this has been an amazing summer school. It has been thoroughly enjoyed by students, the staff and all the companies who’ve very kindly supported us. From all of the Ashington Summer School Team a HUGE thank you for making this such a successful experience had by all. We hope to see you next year!


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