Today was THE day at Potts Print UK!!!


WOW!! What a fantastic time we’ve had today. Not only had we finished our comic yesterday, today was the day we get to see it printed and in our hands! Very exciting. However, that was not just it. This morning we arrived at Potts Print UK in Cramlington and met up with Ian White the Creative & Technical Services Director.  When we arrived Ian took us all through the printing process producing huge plate sheets showing us all the exact way huge print runs are created. These printers are MASSIVE and can cost £1.5 million! It’s such a complex process but Ian broke it down all very easily and even finished with the Bieber!

It didn’t end there! After our talk Ian took us through to the factory mezzanine where we could see the entire factory floor hard at work. There were machines, presses, printers galore!

Proper little VIP's once more at Potts Printers scanning the factory floor!

Proper little VIP’s once more at Potts Print UK scanning the factory floor!

Check out what they were looking at, very impressive:

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AND… guess what it didn’t even end there. Next we got taken around the factory floor and were told about all the machinery and what everything does. This is such a huge place!

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After that the moment of truth… what DID OUR COMICS LOOK LIKE???
Our comics as we were told were printed digitally, Ian took us to the room where they were printed and we watched some of the copies coming through… HOT OFF THE PRESS!
After this our ever awaited competition. Through Summer School we set a challenge to create the best characters AND the winners were… Robbie! Scott! and Amy!!!!! Well done!
And finally… our comics were given out! They are AMAZING!!! Everyone quickly started looking for their own story:

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Can we just add a HUGE thank you to everyone at Potts Print UK for helping us with this comic and particularly our tour and especially Ian White! (another legend)! It’s been a fantastic challenge creating this comic book and you’ve helped it come to life! Thank you!

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